Mankas en Tatoeba frazo (en)

to break down; disgusted; to shape; cell phone; exhibition; to glamorise|to glamorize; draught beer; to lay; to like; popular; to jog; result; daily; simultaneous; heterosexual|straight; submissive; plot; martial art; heterosexism; advertisement; opposite; queer; transgender; control panel; eyebrow; buttocks|butt; buzzword; sensitivity; to interact; concise; shoulder; game store; to be; to evolve; space bar; hashtag; chest|breast; exchange; to enter into; infographic; cheek; to retweet; touchpad|trackpad|track pad; phenomenon; panther; attractive; interaction; acronym; emoticon; sociable; belly|tummy|stomach|abdomen; eye; tongue; hair; lip; muscle; wrist; neck; fist; nose; foot; chin; forehead; gang; to think; to lose; key; to tell; lager; stout; shopaholic; vlog|video blog|video log; eyelid; binge-drinking|binge drinking; jaw; eyelash; thigh; calf; gardening; to sunbathe; extended family|joint family; jeweler|jeweller; clothes shop|clothing store|clothing shop; blended family|stepfamily; teatime; to do gymnastics; basketball; possessive; volleyball; punch|hole puncher|hole punch (90)

Jam havas frazon sed ne el Tatoeba

slightly|a bit|a little; overweight; force; maintain; successfully; tasty; given; sweep; fertile; destructive; prosperous; obviously; persuade; removal; assumption; timid|shy; depart; renovate|refurbish; deny; elect; drove; hold; sail; level; unhealthy; reduce; to employ; implication; produce; vision; addiction; lift; advertise; read; lonely; island; seventeen; two; sexist; prestigious; consist of; valley; addict; persuasive|convincing; depend on; traditional; take-away; design; afraid|scared|frightened; enlarge; connect to; immensely; earn; magnificent|splendid; buddy; pollute; feature; dependent on; hitchhike; commute; weep; turn out; heard; come; darts; wet; keep; addicted to|hooked on; overcome; to hug|to embrace; sense of; obese; handsome|good-looking; set; addictive; grand; industry; wilderness; located|situated; harbour|port|harbor; peaceful; generously; adapt; treatment; consent; medieval; swept; flat; local; industrial; swept; accuse; wonder; spectacular; dry; originally; urban; prison|jail; skyscraper; ruin; origin; inhabitant; set; heritage; attend; understood; drunk; found; become; rise; supposedly; cosmopolitan; head for; dilapidated; lighthouse; landmark; agricultural; settler; shed; take a stroll; suburb; sawdust; flow into; scrub; enclosure; soil; nutritious; skyline; appeal to; ghoulish; persuasion; take a trip; picturesque; reshape; regional; uninhabited; farm; gruesome; partially; set foot on; lay an egg; tan; establish; pay a visit; reduction; considerate; captivate; mountainous; straw; direct; isolation; star; exquisite; transcript; acceptance; animation; to stroll; enlargement; catchy; nomination; to narrate; sprout; self-image; loneliness; bag; obesity; tuck in; exhalation; to exhale; implant; to inhale; affectionate; travel agency|travel agent; handout; couch potato (265)